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She received the Correspondence Course that day, and I got all excited. No problem: my sadhana was actually wonderful at that point in my life. I was of course excited to share my new life with them, and gave them a tour of the ashram grounds, which anyone will admit can be impressive and beautiful.I would occasionally get a week or weekend in South Fallsburg, went to the Philly ashram for New Year’s... We had reached the temple, and I was standing with them at the window looking in.A very officious, imperious, but overtly pleasant woman accosted us.

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From thereon in, it was the little things, the little inconsistencies that started to accumulate.What amuses me was how casual I was about it then - wow, that was great, what a cool book, this Muktananda guy is great! It seemed like good stuff, and at the end of the lesson it made reference to GM - the living successor to Muktananda! All the trappings, all the ritual, all the smiling faces... Being 16, I had very little chance to immerse myself in SY.And that was that, no follow up, no spiritual attachment. Soon thereafter I was with another friend at her mailbox. I was in boarding school, and had to content myself with the Correspondence Course. I was up in SF for a week at the end of the summer, and my family came to pick me up.I was reading everything I could get my hands on: Zen, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads.

It was during this time that I borrowed "Where Are You Going?One of the main things for me was the constant contradiction and misuse of the teachings.